Sai Baba quotes

Swami has nothing to do with internet. Not only now, even in future also. You should not indulge in such wrong activities.

There is no need to go outside the Sai fold.

Students! Have friendship with God for which you should be prepared to sacrifice everything, even your body and life.

You have to abandon bad thoughts, bad company, bad habits and everything that is bad.

Do not listen to any words of ill-will or disparagement of anybody.

Likewise, tell your eyes to see God instead of watching unsacred things on the Television or Video. Teach your ears to listen to the stories of the Lord instead of listening to vain gossip.

If you call yourself a devotee of Swami, act according to Swami’s expectation.

It is a big mistake to consider yourself one of wisdom. Ignorance follows you like a shadow in all that you do.

Today man is wasting a lot of time in vain gossip and talking ill of others.

Who is Bhagavan (God)? ‘Bha’ means effulgence. ‘Bha’ means the one who is in control.

One who proclaims himself to be a leader should always speak sweetly and lovingly. He should not indulge in criticism. Criticism is nothing but the reflection, reaction and resound of one’s own wicked qualities. The bad qualities that one sees in others are nothing but the reflection of one’s own inner feelings. So, one has no right to find fault in others. He is the worst sinner who looks for mistakes in others.

For example, there are many who observe my actions and start declaring that my nature is such and such. They are unable to gauge the sanctity, the majesty, and the eternal reality that is me. The power of Sai is limitless; It manifests for ever. All forms of ‘power’ are resident in this Sai palm.

Let me tell you one more thing: Nothing can impede or halt the work of the Avathaara. When I was upstairs all these days, some people were foolishly saying, “It is all over with Sai Baba,” and they turned back many who were coming to Puttaparthy! Some said I was in samadhi, as if I were a spiritual aspirant (sadhaka)! Some feared I was the victim of black magic, as if anything can affect me!

You are bound to attain success if God is satisfied with your actions. Do not go by your own likes and dislikes. Conduct yourself in accordance with God’s wish. Eschew selfishness and self-interest.

The optical sense cannot visualize the truth. It gives only false and fogged information.

I am beyond the reach of the most intensive enquiry and the most meticulous measurement. Only those who have recognized my love and experienced that love can assert that they have glimpsed my reality.

If God is not pleased with you, you will be looked down upon by everyone in the world.

When you say someone is bad, it means you are seeing the reflection of your bad feelings in him. Good and bad arise from within, they are not present outside.

Thus, God in order to accomplish His objective does play a few tricks some times.

God always does only good, which may appear to be bad to some people.